Diabetes and T1DE

In the UK former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May MP and former Labour Minister Sir George Howarth chaired a Parliamentary Inquiry on the risks of disordered eating among people living with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Their report calls for essential changes to be made to provide effective care.   The report, which has been written […]

EHD – Not Just for Europe

European Hormone Day (EHD) returns for a third time on Wednesday, 24 April, uniting the endocrine community across Europe and beyond to raise awareness of the vital role of hormones in health and disease.   Many people have an idea of what hormones are, but are less familiar with what hormones do, or the actions they […]

Why a Diabetes Advocacy Network?

Advocates work to ensure that individuals or groups receive fair treatment, access to resources, and opportunities to have their voices heard in various contexts, such as medical, employment, or political matters. Everyone can be an advocate and advocacy empowers individuals to articulate their needs, put right injustices, and bring about positive change. It allows for […]

War Zone Access to Insulin

A petition was raised by people from the diabetes community worldwide to ensure uninterrupted access to insulin in conflict zones and during humanitarian crises, such as Ukraine, Gaza, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. “Insulin represents survival, and access to it safeguards the human rights to health and life,” claimed Nathalie Piat, a member of this […]

US FDA – ‘Don’t Use Smartwatches’

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), smartwatches that claim to non-invasively measure blood sugar cannot directly measure glucose levels. The agency is advising people to avoid devices that claim to do this, and further states that such devices that do are illegally marketed. In a statement the agency says: “The FDA has […]

Diabetes Costs Laid Bare – USA

This report of a US Senate hearing on US TV should be seen by every legislator globally to alert them to the rising cost of diabetes and why action on prevention, early diagnosis and reimbursed treatment is so important. Presented in the US Senate, research by the American Diabetes Association revealed the staggering cost of […]

Lobby to End Stigma

In the wake of a stark revelation on the rampant diabetes stigma highlighted by a global expert panel, consisting of 51 experts from 18 countries, diabetes activists are being called upon to mobilise and engage with parliamentarians for transformative legislative change. The resounding consensus from clinicians, researchers, and individuals with lived experiences of diabetes underscores […]

Using Tech for Individualised Treatment

Within the population of India, 11.4% are affected by diabetes and an additional 15.3% have pre-diabetes, as shown by the study titled “Metabolic non-communicable disease health report of India: the ICMR-INDIAB national cross-sectional study (ICMR-INDIAB-17)”. This requires urgent action through comprehensive strategies. Use of technology in addressing the burden of metabolic conditions and its use […]

Weight Loss Drugs

The popularity of weight loss drugs among people who are not prescribed them has led to severe shortages for people prescribed the drugs, including many with Type 2 diabetes. The problem is so severe and damaging to the treatment of people for obesity that some countries are banning the private sale of the drugs. According […]

Finland Lifts T1 Military Ban

Numerous countries enact protective measures against employment discrimination for individuals with diabetes. However, within specific professions, notably military roles, nations maintain comprehensive bans on service for such individuals. This policy arises from concerns surrounding operational readiness, physical fitness, and the challenges related to insulin management during training, critical operations, and wartime scenarios, considering factors like […]

No Access for Half of those Needing Insulin!

In December 2023, Amsterdam played host to a major global gathering, bringing together more than 80 experts to tackle the pressing issues surrounding sustainable access to insulin. The discussions focused on the findings of the Addressing the Challenges and Constraints of Insulin Sources and Supply (ACCISS) Study by Health Action International, particularly focusing on insulin […]

Major T1D Step Forward in UK

Described as an artificial pancreas, which it is not, a hybrid closed loop system is worn externally to continually monitor a person’s blood glucose then automatically adjust the amount of insulin given to them through a pump. Within England local National Health Service (NHS) systems will start identifying eligible people living with T1D who health chiefs […]

From Sana’s Desk – Glucometer Bans

It may come as a surprise to many that visitors are prohibited from bringing glucometers into embassies in Pakistan. Similar situations may exist in other countries where security concerns lead to blanket bans on items necessary for managing diabetes during visa interviews. In Pakistan, individuals are required to leave their glucometers at home or in […]

Tech News

A Continuous Glucose Sensor for Non-Insulin Users to be Launched in Summer of 2024! https://www.mpo-mag.com/contents/view_breaking-news/2024-01-10/dexcom-submits-stelo-glucose-sensor-for-non-insulin-users-to-fda/ First insulin pump with automated insulin delivery to integrate with freestyle libre 2https://beyondtype1.org/freestyle-libre-pair-with-tslim-insulin-pump/

Research Corner

Childhood Stress Linked to Elevated Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Adulthood, Reveals Pioneering Study https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2024/01/240117143750.htm Mouse study shows that stimulating nerves connected to the pancreas regenerates insulin-producing cells. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/12/231204135211.htm