Barbados Introduces Food Pack Warnings

Following a collaborative effort involving parliamentarians and several patient health groups, together with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, Barbados has introduced front of food package warnings.

The introduction of a Front-of-Package Warning Label System (FOPWLS) will have a significant positive impact on the non-communicable disease (NCD) crisis in Barbados, says Minister of Health, Senator The Most Honourable Jerome Walcott, holding up the campaign’s poster.

At the launch he said these warning labels could potentially reduce NCD-related deaths in Barbados by as much as 16 per cent, which could translate into tremendous reductions in pain and suffering and cost savings as it relates to the treatments of NCDs.

Advocacy Action: Research has confirmed what the Minister of Health has claimed. If you already have a labelling law, has its effect been assessed and can you share the data with PDGN? If not, can you advocate for better labelling so that consumers can make more informed choices about their food?