Drug Shortages in Bulgaria

The most sought-after and missing drugs in the Bulgarian pharmacy network are those related to diabetes, which forced the authorities in Sofia to tighten control by introducing a mandatory electronic prescription from a doctor.

The aim is to reduce the off-label use of diabetes drugs, which in the last few years have been increasingly popular as weight loss remedies. Until now, medicines were dispensed with a  paper  prescription, which could be used repeatedly for years, making control impossible.

The electronic prescription also becomes mandatory for antibiotics, in which case the aim is primarily to stop uncontrolled use, which is a problem in Bulgaria.

In mid-2024, Bulgaria will analyse the impact of electronic prescriptions for antibiotics and medicines for people with diabetes in order to understand what the actual use of these products is and whether diabetic patients adhere to the prescribed therapy.

Pharmacists and health authorities expect e-prescriptions to limit the uncontrolled use of antibiotics and the off-label use of antidiabetic medicines.

Advocacy Action – Are you experiencing supply issues in your country? Are these connected to the shortage of weight loss drugs supposed to be for people with or at risk of diabetes? Is the Bulgarian approach one that would help?