Funding for Patient Group

As one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting approximately 3.6 million Canadians, with more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed every year, diabetes affects the lives of many beyond these statistics.

PDGN Vice-President Sonia Sidhu MP, joined a session on diabetes at the World Non-Communicable Diseases Congress in Toronto. She attended on behalf of JeanYves Duclos MP, Minister of Health, where she was able to announce  Can $998,450 (US $ 733,588) in funding over three years to Diabetes Canada.

This funding will allow Diabetes Canada to work with key partners to develop an inventory of successful diabetes programs, interventions, and projects to support the subsequent dissemination, adoption, and customization of these initiatives across the country.

The funding announced is aligned to the national plan (or Framework for Diabetes) that Sonia was instrumental in pushing through Parliament. It provides a common policy direction to focus efforts to address diabetes and to ensure better health outcomes for people in Canada. It is a model for countries that have yet to adopt a plan.

Diabetes Canada will help to advance the Framework for Diabetes by convening individuals living with diabetes, key leaders in public health, diabetes care and education, as well as cultural leaders and organizations, to share innovative and best practices to identify, prevent, and manage diabetes.

Sonia said: “The effects of diabetes continue to rise in Canada and impact the lives of millions of Canadians. Together with Diabetes Canada, we will strengthen our efforts to better recognize, collaborate with, and support those living with diabetes in Canada. The project will help improve our understanding of successful programs as we work towards improving the health, well-being, and quality of life of Canadians affected by diabetes.”

Advocacy Action: Could your government support diabetes patient groups with funding to help deliver programmes?