Lobby to End Stigma

In the wake of a stark revelation on the rampant diabetes stigma highlighted by a global expert panel, consisting of 51 experts from 18 countries, diabetes activists are being called upon to mobilise and engage with parliamentarians for transformative legislative change.

The resounding consensus from clinicians, researchers, and individuals with lived experiences of diabetes underscores the urgent need for a shift away from blame and toward a culture of support and care. The group has reviewed scientific evidence and has established an international consensus on a Pledge to bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination.

Armed with compelling evidence that diabetes is not a ‘lifestyle disease,’ but rather a complex interplay of genetics, environment, health behaviours, and social inequities, activists are urged to advocate for policies that foster understanding and empathy.

The unintended consequences of the prevailing ‘it’s their own fault’ narrative, often perpetuated by media representations, demand legislative attention to curb discrimination and alleviate the mental health toll on those living with diabetes.

The alarming global statistics – 80% facing stigma, and over 30% encountering discrimination – serve as a call to action for activists to leverage their voices and push for change on a legislative level.

Diabetes activists are urged to advocate for anti-stigma legislation, promote mental health support and sign the pledge: By rallying behind these advocacy actions, diabetes activists can become powerful agents of change, challenging societal misconceptions and ensuring that legislative frameworks reflect the pressing need for compassion and support in the face of diabetes stigma.

Advocacy Action: Push for the development and implementation of laws aimed at curbing diabetes stigma, emphasising the multifaceted nature of the condition and dispelling the ‘lifestyle disease’ myth. Work towards educating policymakers about the diverse factors contributing to diabetes, fostering a nuanced understanding that goes beyond simplistic narratives of blame. Push your elected representatives for increased funding and resources directed towards mental health support for individuals living with diabetes, recognizing the detrimental impact of stigma on mental well-being. And, sign up at  https://enddiabetesstigma.org/take-the-pledge/