Optimizing Type 2 (T2D) Diabetes Care

The diaTribe Foundation, that was founded with a mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes and  prediabetes, and to advocate for action, held an event at EASD with a panel of Women Leaders in diabetes.

The panel discussed strategies to address the growing number of people with type 2 diabetes and called for more focus on education, access to innovations, and social determinants of health.

The conclusion follows on from a 2022 consensus report published by the American Diabetes Association and EASD that focussed on addressing obesity, person-centered care, and social determinants of health as important starting points for diabetes care.

The meeting observed that there is an increasing burden of T2 diabetes in minority communities and lower-and middle-income countries, which represents a dramatic shift from several decades ago when diabetes was viewed as a disease of “the wealthy.” Advocacy Action: Can you raise prevention issues across a range of government functions? T2 prevention involves almost every aspect of government; public health, education, tax and welfare, housing, sports and recreation, to name just a few. Can you ask each government department in turn whether it has a good health strategy, and if not could it adopt one in particular to stem the pandemic of T2 diabetes and its associated costs?