Seychelles Survey on NCDs

The Seychelles’ health ministry has launched a population-based survey on cardiovascular diseases  and  other  non-communicable diseases to assess the distribution of health behaviours, diet and main risk factors in the whole population.

The survey, which is being conducted between mid-August and December 2023 and will help local health authorities start the process to establish a better database on cardiovascular diseases.

“The aim of the study is so that we can see the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and other NCDs in Seychelles,” explained Bharathi Viswanathan, programme manager for NCDs.

She said that this will allow the authorities to have information on  how many people have them. It is hoped the survey will help adjust services to the information collected.

In addition to information concerning NCDs, the team will also ask questions about mental health, and whether there are certain impairments, which will also be very helpful to the social services databases.

Other studies carried out in the western Indian Ocean archipelago had shown an increase in obesity in children and the diseases associated with it.