Sign the Pledge

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries’ (Efpia) and European Diabetes Forum (EUDF), have published a document calling on candidates at the 2024 European Election to sign and pledge to support its contents.

Around 60 percent of all European citizens come under the European Union and will have a vote in the elections.

With the exception of public health, competence over health policy rests with the national Parliaments of the EU’s 27 Member States. Despite this the EU has significant influence over what happens at the national level both within and beyond its boundaries.

The document is recommending four areas for action: 1. Early detection 2. Equitable high-quality care 3. Empowering people 4. Embracing science and technology.

If you are an elected representative in an EU Member State please raise the existence of this document within your political group to reach out to the candidates who will emerge over the next few months. While they may not be able to sign the pledge, helping to alert them to the challenge of diabetes can only have a beneficial effect.

Advocacy Action: Outside the EU, within and outside of Europe as a whole, there is much in the document, link below, that could be used to highlight the challenges and some of the answers to diabetes.