GDAN Launch – Here to Help You

On Friday, 8 March, at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference in Florence, Italy, GDAN was launched. In front of nearly 70 healthcare professionals, industry stakeholders and diabetes advocates, plus many more online, the joint initiative of the Diabetes Leadership Council (DLC) and PDGN welcomed a panel of parliamentarians and people with […]

Lobby to End Stigma

In the wake of a stark revelation on the rampant diabetes stigma highlighted by a global expert panel, consisting of 51 experts from 18 countries, diabetes activists are being called upon to mobilise and engage with parliamentarians for transformative legislative change. The resounding consensus from clinicians, researchers, and individuals with lived experiences of diabetes underscores […]

War Zone Access to Insulin

A petition was raised by people from the diabetes community worldwide to ensure uninterrupted access to insulin in conflict zones and during humanitarian crises, such as Ukraine, Gaza, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. “Insulin represents survival, and access to it safeguards the human rights to health and life,” claimed Nathalie Piat, a member of this […]

Why a Diabetes Advocacy Network?

Advocates work to ensure that individuals or groups receive fair treatment, access to resources, and opportunities to have their voices heard in various contexts, such as medical, employment, or political matters. Everyone can be an advocate and advocacy empowers individuals to articulate their needs, put right injustices, and bring about positive change. It allows for […]

#DeDoc° Session

For scientific and research centred events to allow a patient voice to be heard is a welcome development. At ISPAD, #dedoc°, an international community by and for people with diabetes, held a session to get across what living with diabetes is really like. Patient advocates are keen to influence the research agenda to ensure its […]