WHO Support for Soda Taxes

The World Health Organisation has published a global list of countries in its WHO Manual that have introduced taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, and is calling on all countries to tax sugar drinks in order to save lives. Eighty-five countries are listed as having some form of sugar taxation in the WHO Manual, with several countries […]

Is a Sugar Tax Enough?

In a comment piece in the Malaysian ‘Sun Daily’ newspaper, Singapore based technical writer Joachim Ng asks whether a sugar tax is enough. “The effectiveness of this higher tax on drinks in curbing sugar consumption depends on whether it is part of a comprehensive public prevention strategy that includes other regulatory measures.” You can read […]

Curbing Ultra-Processed Food

Health experts in Pakistan have called for policy measures, including increased taxes, to curb the use of ultra-processed food and sugary drinks, citing the example of Saudi Arabia which has subjected unhealthy foods to heavy excise duties. In 2019, Saudi Arabia expanded an excise tax charged on tobacco and soda to include electronic cigarettes and […]

Sugar Taxes Nigeria

The Nigerian federal government says it is committed to attain the global best practice of nearly 20 per cent taxation on the final retail price on all sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). With non-communicable diseases believed to be the leading cause of death in Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, evidence-based interventions are being recommended by […]