War Zone Access to Insulin

A petition was raised by people from the diabetes community worldwide to ensure uninterrupted access to insulin in conflict zones and during humanitarian crises, such as Ukraine, Gaza, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

“Insulin represents survival, and access to it safeguards the human rights to health and life,” claimed Nathalie Piat, a member of this petition and an active diabetes advocate from France.

Supporters of the petition demanded that special action be taken by all parties to ensure that the lives and health of people living with diabetes, and all other conditions, are safeguarded, and access to medication is ensured.

This petition, ‘Urging Uninterrupted Insulin Access in Humanitarian Crises,’ included members from Spain, Germany, Northern Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Norway, Italy, Australia, and many other countries around the world, reaching 1500 signatories in its first week.

Following similar lines of action, Life for a Child and JDRF have issued statements urging immediate action especially in the humanitarian situation in Gaza, where people with diabetes, especially those living with type 1 diabetes require urgent, unified global action to ensure access to lifesaving insulin. 

Advocacy action: Email this petition (link below) to your elected representatives and urge them to take a stand in ensuring insulin access for people in crisis zones. Share it with your network and ask them to join this cause by signing this petition. Remember that every voice counts in advocating for the human rights to health and life for those in need. https://chng.it/vvxwTHrk5W