Weight Loss Drugs

The popularity of weight loss drugs among people who are not prescribed them has led to severe shortages for people prescribed the drugs, including many with Type 2 diabetes.

The problem is so severe and damaging to the treatment of people for obesity that some countries are banning the private sale of the drugs.

According to a report in Der Spiegel magazine, Germany’s drug regulator is considering banning the export of one of the drugs manufactured under the title ‘Ozempic’. 

With supplies running short throughout Europe and elsewhere as manufacturers struggle to meet the growing demand, it is people who need them who are suffering.

The demand is partly being fueled by celebrity users of the drugs such as Boy George, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Schumer and Sharon Ozbourne among many who have admitted using it.

Following the shortages celebrities who have been called out for weight loss are denying using it, such as American rapper and actor, 50 Cent. The tide may be turning as celebrities are choosing not to use a drug devised for a purpose beyond cosmetic change, but demand remains high from people who can afford the treatment but have not been prescribed it.

Advocacy Action: Are there shortages being reported in your country? Is your national diabetes organisation on the case, and can you help them or they you? What is your government doing about it? Can you find out, or just raise this with your elected representative and ask them to question why there are shortages and press for action?